This Award is made to promote, recognise and reward excellence in the supervision of doctoral students of all kinds.

Professor Bowen has demonstrated an outstanding record of supervision, having successfully guided eighteen PhD students to completion of their studies. He stands out as an enthusiastic supervisor and inspiration to those conducting research within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He offers exceptional support to doctoral students through actively fostering their independence, enthusiasm, motivation and curiosity. In particular, he engenders a friendly approach and is valued by his students for offering prompt and reliable guidance to ensure that they produce robust, high quality research papers.

Professor Bowen plays an active role in sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm to the wider academic community through the mentoring of new academics, sharing good practice and helping to build a vibrant research team.

Professor Bowen is a great asset to the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the University. His enthusiasm for research and the support he gives his students make him an inspirational role model.