The Too Good To Go app lets customers buy and collect Magic Bags of food at a discounted price, directly from shops, restaurants and cafes.

Globally, more than one-third of food is wasted, which is bad news for the planet. Food waste is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gases, and we use a landmass the size of China to produce food we end up throwing away.

Too Good To Go was created to help fix the problem. The anti-food waste app lets you rescue delicious, unsold food from businesses to save it from going to waste. Instead of throwing food away, you can buy it in a Magic Bag of different items every day. Reserve your Magic Bag through the app and then collect it from the store in the specified time slot.

Each Magic Bag from The Market could contain fresh fruit and veg, chilled prepared foods, meats, cheese, sandwiches, confectionary, biscuits and snacks.