What is changing with macOS

The latest macOS (macOS Ventura) is going to be available to install on University-managed Mac devices.

Apple have made improvements to the automatic update functionality in macOS, so if you're running macOS 12.6.1 or newer, this update will be automatically made available for installation as part of the standard software update process.

Some of the features that macOS Ventura is bringing:

  • New Mailbox features
  • New search design
  • Edit / unsend messages
  • Stage manager (organised apps and windows)
  • Continuity camera (use iPhone as your webcam)

University-managed Mac devices will receive this update automatically (you will need to install once notified), so you will always stay protected against security threats between regular software updates.

See all of the latest features coming with macOS Ventura.

Installing macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura will be available to download via the Software Center on 22 January 2023.

University managed Mac devices will receive a pop-up notification that will guide you through the installation of macOS Ventura.