The two workshops were held by Julian House Bike Workshop, a social enterprise in Bath with all profits going to Julian House.

The training was organised by the Bicycle Users Group, a staff group who cycle to work and want to encourage others to do the same. These workshops were funded by the University's Net Zero Carbon Campus Fund, which funds projects that contribute to reducing the carbon emissions of the University.

Rod Standing, Manager at Julian House Bike Workshop, came up to campus to teach staff how to fix minor issues and to show how a range of common bike components work.

Saving money on bike maintenance

Staff who took part rated the training as excellent. They said they came away knowing more about how their bike works, and how to save money on fixing issues themselves. They also learned how to solve road-side issues like punctures or a chain coming off.

Participants included a range of staff, from professional services staff to academic and technical staff, with a good mix of gender and age groups. About half of participants currently cycle to work, while the other half would like to start. Most people said they drive when they don’t cycle to work.

What people said about the training

Helen Featherstone, Head of Public Engagement, said:

I took away plenty of top tips that I was unaware of despite having been riding a bike all my life.

Joe Bennett, HR Business Partner & Project Manager (Estates), said:

It was all very interesting. I thought I knew how to fix a puncture but Rod gave insights into doing that better.

A lot of participants asked for a follow-up session with more hands-on training, including practising on their own bike. The Bicycle Users Group are looking into this.

Cycling to work

Cycling to work is an excellent way to get some exercise and it can be quicker than driving, especially when you live in Bath. Parking is not an issue either. And the only fuel you need is food!

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