The first Mexican exchange student has joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences following a newly signed agreement between Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and the University of Bath.

As part of the agreement, students have the opportunity to move between the two institutions for a semester taking high level mathematics courses, working with the academic staff and experiencing a different culture.

The agreement builds on a long term relationship with the Department of Mathematical Sciences and UNAM, and follows a delegation that visited Mexico in April 2015.

Lizabeth said: "Coming to the University of Bath is a new experience. It gives me the opportunity to know another culture and new people, to speak another language, to know a different education system and, generally, to develop my professional and personal growth."

Her visit is part of a whole range of student-focused activities with Mexican institutions, most notably the BUC series of workshops where training activities across the institutions of Bath, UNAM and CIMAT are run by students.