What is your role within MC²?

I am one of the Laboratory Technicians. I am based in 3 West and mainly support Microscopy and Bio-imaging within the rest of MC².

How long have you worked here, and what did you do before this?

I’ve been here 1 year and a half. Before that I was a Science Technician and then Deputy Laboratory Manager at Alperton Community School in London.

What happens in your typical workday? And what would you say is the best bit of your job?

I start by cleaning and preparing all the materials for sample preparation. I spend most of my time training users on how to prepare their samples (materials or biological). I also spend some time on the SEM and FE-SEM running samples for users. Starting up equipment and leaving it ready to use is also part of my day.

The best part of my day is when the users get the results they were expecting and show their excitement and gratitude for the help.

What is the worst part about your job?

When something gets broken in the middle of its use and we need to spend a long time looking for the solution.

Tell us about a recent proud moment you had at work. Why was this special?

The most special moment was the first time that I prepared a biological sample to be analysed under the SEM. Microbiology is my favourite topic and the first time that I prepared some bacteria was amazing. Usually a biological preparation takes around 3 days and it is always very exciting to look at the results under any of the electron microscopes.

Who inspired you as a child, and who inspires you now?

My Biology Teacher during my secondary school years was a true inspiration. She loved what she was doing, and she made you feel passionate about it, even if you didn’t care about the topic. While teaching at the secondary school she was a Researcher at the University of Murcia and she would tell us about their findings.

Do you have any hidden talents, and anything specific you still want to learn?

I love cooking. I mostly cook Spanish dishes, but I love learning from different cultures. I love travelling as well and when travelling and cooking mix up together it is the perfect combination.

I would love to learn watercolour painting, I still need to give it a try, it seems quite difficult.

If you could choose anything at all, what would your Friday evening meal consist of? Would you cook it yourself?

It could be pizza or Mexican fajitas and, for sure, it will be home cooked.