Students Miles Pemberton, Rebecca Rowney, Oliver Showell and Sarah Mclaren will represent the University of Bath at this year’s global One Young World (OYW) summit in Montréal.

This will be the first year the University sends a delegate from each of its Faculties and School of Management.

One Young World (OYW) is a global community that unites young leaders, business professionals, policymakers, humanitarians, activists, and entrepreneurs from across the globe to drive meaningful positive change. This year’s summit, which will take place in September, will focus on the themes of indigenous voices, the climate ecological crisis, artificial intelligence (AI), health inequality, and peace.

A longstanding partnership

The University of Bath has the longest-standing university partnership with OYW, a relationship that was established by the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences over ten years ago.

Miles, Integrated PhD Accountable, Responsible and Transparent Artificial Intelligence; Rebecca, BSc (Hons) International Development with Economics; Oliver, BSc (Hons) International Management and Modern Languages (Spanish); and Sarah, BSc (Hons) Architecture will also become the Co-Chairs for the University’s Student Organising Committee. They will plan and host the One Young World Bath (OYWB) 2025 caucus.

This event, the ninth in its series, will focus on three United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It will feature inspiring keynote talks, panel discussions and workshops.

Miles said:

I am incredibly excited to be one of the University of Bath delegates attending the One Young World summit in Montreal later this year.  One Young World provides an amazing opportunity for young leaders to come together, discuss global societal challenges, and drive positive change around the world. It is a privilege to be part of this inspiring community, and I look forward to making valuable contributions on this international stage.

Rebecca said:

I am extremely excited to not only attend what I expect to be such an inspiring event in Canada, where incredibly thought-provoking topics are set to be discussed, but I am also looking forward to leading the relationships team for the One Young World Bath 2025 caucus. Additionally, I am grateful for the support given to me in establishing a scheme to get more students involved in volunteering. I hope that through my involvement with OYW I can contribute to positive, sustainable change and that this opportunity will help me as I strive towards a career working to find solutions to global issues.

Oliver said:

I am profoundly honoured and grateful to be chosen as one of our university's delegates for the One Young World Summit in Montreal, Canada. I look forward to representing our university on a global platform, upholding our values and showcasing our achievements. I eagerly look forward to engaging with visionary leaders, exchanging transformative ideas, and contributing to essential discussions on pressing global challenges. My goal is to foster meaningful relationships, bridge our university with the broader community, and drive innovative solutions for sustainable and positive societal impact.

Sarah said:

I am delighted to have been selected as the representative of the Faculty of Engineering & Design at the University of Bath to attend the One Young world Montreal Summit 2024. I am excited to embark on a journey that will enrich my personal experiences and perspectives, through attending the summit and meeting others from the global community. I look forward to contributing my findings to the University of Bath and overall driving positive change within my community.

Organising OYWB 2025

Miles, Rebecca, Oliver and Sarah will start the initial planning for OYWB 2025 in the coming months and will be joined by a Student Committee in the Autumn.

There are a number of Student Organising Committee roles available to all current Bath students. Applications will open in September 2024 and students will receive information on how to apply nearer the time.

To find out more information about the One Young World Bath 2024 Caucus, please read this Bath Time Magazine article