The Institute for Policy Research today publishes a report on Brexit and the future of Europe, by Professor Graham Room, University of Bath expert on European social policy.

From Brexit to European Renewal examines the factors that led to the Leave vote, but also their roots in the economic, social and political dynamic of European integration. It argues that the EU has been distributing the benefits of European integration unevenly, reinforcing the inequalities between regions and eroding the social fabric of communities. Such persistent inequality is bound to alienate the communities most adversely affected.

Professor Room sets out a programme of reform, a positive vision for the future of Europe that has been lacking in contemporary debates. These reforms would promote social and economic justice, in a social contract between European political leaders and European citizens, providing collective solidarity and security. This would demonstrate eloquently the positive benefits of European integration, in an uncertain and turbulent world.

Speaking on the publication of the report, Professor Room said: 'It may still be possible for the UK to be part of this grand re-working of the European project. The referendum was a collective decision: and responsible citizens, individually and collectively, are able to change their minds.'