Semester 1 results

Semester 1 results will be released on Thursday 3 March 2022 via SAMIS.

Unless you are a student in one of the course years listed below your unit results will be provisional until the end of the academic year when they will be confirmed by a Board of Studies.

  • Year 1 MArch
  • Final year BSc Architecture
  • Year 3 BSc Business/ Business Administration

If you are in any of these course years, you will receive your semester 1 unit results and progression decision on Thursday 3 March. Both your unit results and end-of-stage (progression) decision will have been confirmed by a Board of Studies. This means that if you wanted to you can submit an academic appeal against these results.

What you see: unit results

Even if your unit results are provisional, you will still see:

  • the assessment item mark(s)
  • the unit result (a mark and grade)
  • outcome of any IMC claims (see below)
  • if scaling was applied to any of the units you took (see below)

If you submitted an IMC claim you will see if it was accepted. If not, you will also see a short reason why. We have released information about how IMC claims are considered and how an accepted IMC can affect your academic outcomes.

If scaling has been applied to assessment marks in any of your units information about the reason for the scaling and the method applied will be available in SAMIS.

What you'll see: end-of-stage results

If applicable you will see your end-of-stage progression or award decision and, if applicable, the award classification.

We’ve released the following guides with further information about end-of-stage results:

Your Self-Service Transcript or Record of Assessment

You will be able to access the Self-Service Transcript and Self-Service Record of Assessment facilities in SAMIS once the results have been released.

Transcript for submission to a third party

If you need a copy of your transcript to be sent to a third party or another institution to confirm your results, please request one via the Bath Self-Service Portal and ensure you include the email address of the third party or organisation you need it to be sent to.

More information about exams and assessments

See our main Exams and assessments page for all the latest information about exams and assessments, including the exam schedule, where to find support and further guidance, and what to do if an assessment is affected.