Semester 1 provisional unit results will be released via SAMIS over the two-week period Thursday 18 February to Thursday 4 March 2021.*

This is a week longer than previously planned to allow time for marking and moderation in light of extended coursework submission periods and the impact of the national lockdown on staff capacity.

As departments consider and agree unit results they will become visible. This means your results could be released over the course of the two weeks rather than on one specific day. In the event that any unit results are not going to be available within this period the relevant Department will let you know. Alternatively, you'll be able to contact the Department if you don't see any results by 5 March.

*Year 1 MArch, final year BSc Architecture and Year 3 BBA students will receive final, non-provisional, stage progression results on 25 February 2021, following the Board of Studies.

What you'll see

When your results are made available, you will see marks for each assessment item, your unit marks, and any Individual Mitigating Circumstances outcomes.

If scaling has been used in a unit you have taken, information about the reason for the scaling and the method applied will be available in SAMIS.

Your Self-Service Transcript or Record of Assessment

You will be able to access the Self-Service Transcript and Self-Service Record of Assessment facilities in SAMIS once your results have been released.

More information about exams and assessments

See our main Exams and assessments page for all the latest information about exams and assessments, including the exam schedule, where to find support and further guidance, and what to do if an assessment is affected.