With so many apps and tools available, we understand how difficult it can be trying to navigate and make the most of them all. This page helps to clarify where to go and how you can get support.

The Office 365 Portal

The Office 365 Portal is the online place to access everything Microsoft, in one place:

Where to get support

  • University of Bath – Learning Pathways
    The University of Bath – Learning Pathways is our online learning platform where you can learn all about Microsoft 365 tools, filled with easy to use guides, hints & tips.

  • Yammer – Microsoft 365 Community
    The Microsoft 365 Community is our friendly online network, where you can tap into the knowledge of colleagues who are already making the most of Microsoft 365 and its realised benefits.

  • Microsoft 365 at the University
    You can find out all you need to know about Microsoft 365 and how it can help you by visiting our Microsoft 365 topic page.