Global Entrepreneurship Week was founded in 2018 by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and is a celebration of innovators who dream big. It reaches millions of people of all ages and backgrounds through local, national and global events and activities. We have a programme of events from our entrepreneurial ecosystem open to a range of audiences.

Professor Jonathan Knight, Vice-President for Enterprise, says:

The University of Bath works with businesses, researchers, and students to enable new ideas, innovation, and growth. Our Global Entrepreneurship Week is delivering events to celebrate and bring together our entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is six months since our inaugural Enterprise Day so is very timely to be reengaging with our stakeholders and celebrating entrepreneurship.


Monday 14 November

6pm-7pm: Sustainable Business Model Canvas with Laurent Perge

Understanding how sustainability can be integrated into the core of your business. This is a practical hands-on session on the business model canvas exploring your idea and the issues impacting on it and addressing sustainability. More on the West of England Sustainable Technologies Scale-Up Programme.

Tuesday 15 November

6pm-7.30pm: My Entrepreneurial Journey

This panel discussion on My Entrepreneurial Journey will be led by Stephen Rangecroft, Director or External Engagement at the University of Bath. Speakers include: Jinghui (Helen) Liang, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Labcycle; Mark Farmer, Director CiteAb; Dr Vimal Dhokia, Founder and former Director of Gen3D; James Russ, Founder, Testmyteeth.

Wednesday 16 November

Dragons' Den Pitching Competition

The Enterprise Bath’s Dragons Den Pitching competitions give students the opportunity to pitch to our Dragons (Bath alumni) for the chance to win direct investment into their start-ups. Semester one is designed for proof of concept pitches and semester one for development. The competition is open to students and postgrads. No equity or stake is taken, you receive all of the money.

Thursday 17 November

6pm-7.30pm: The Green Startup Professor Juliet Davenport OBE

Come along to here from Honorary Graduate Juliet Davenport, who in 1999, aged 31, founded one of the UK’s first 100% renewable electricity suppliers, Good Energy. The first female CEO of a UK energy supplier, at a time when only 2% of the power on the UK’s electricity grid came from renewables and the entire industry could fit into a room above a pub, Juliet was going against the grain. In Good Energy, she aimed to make it possible for everyone to play a part in the solutions to climate change. It was less than straightforward to begin with, but the businesses’ customers believed in the purpose, helping crowdfund an investment round in 2002. Whether you have a long-established business or a recent start-up, join Juliet to find out how to green-proof your business.

The University recently held a 3 Day Startup event to provide early-stage support for entrepreneurial students. See our write up on the 3DS event.