The government's recently published policy paper on 'Supporting UK R&D and collaborative research beyond European programmes', addresses how the UK will transition to a new R&S programme if unable to associate to Horizon Europe, Copernicus, and Euratom.

A summary of the government paper includes:

  • UKRI Guarantee to be extended to all calls with a deadline up until non-association is decided
  • UKRI will evaluate any open calls where the deadline is after non-association
  • top talent attraction and retention through increased funding for existing UK talent programmes – followed by new UK Fellowship and Award programme (TBD)
  • increased innovation funding (via Innovate UK) – followed by new schemes
  • Talent and Research Stabilisation Fund: formula funding to support a range of eligible UK institutions who have been most affected by the loss of Horizon Europe talent funding (It is expected this will be a fixed amount based on previous Horizon success)
  • continued funding for Horizon Europe calls as a Third Country participant (the government will fund all eligible UK entities participating in any such consortia signing grant agreements before 31 March 2025)

See the news report from Research Professional on 'UK government unveils details of Horizon Europe 'plan B'.

UKRI has opened an email inbox for your questions about UKRI's role in implementing transition to new arrangements if the UK is unable to associate to Horizon Europe:

You can also contact Dr Alex Harrison, European and International Research Development Manager in RIS with your queries.