A year on from the hardback release, the paperback edition of Greta Thunberg’s ‘The Climate Book’, which features a chapter co-written by Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh, will be out in the UK on February 1st.

To date the book has appeared on multiple bestseller lists and featured in Book of the Year listings in The Times, Financial Times and Observer.

Professor Whitmarsh, who is Director of the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST), wrote a chapter with her colleague Dr Stuart Capstick about the associations between individual environmental actions (e.g., driving or flying less, saving energy) and wider social and system transformations (e.g., changes to buildings and cities, new laws).

The chapter draws on research which shows how individual environmental actions can spark positive ripple effects, leading to broader changes across a population. Examples include the proliferation in the use of e-bikes, and even how households installing solar panels have a measurable effect on the likelihood of nearby homes following suit.

Professor Whitmarsh said: “I‘ve been thrilled by the success of The Climate Book so far and am really looking forward to seeing it out in paperback too.

“The issues we have written about remain just as important as ever, even more so in fact, and I hope we will reach hundreds of thousands of new readers with this edition.

“In the chapter Stuart and I wrote, our message is a positive one: individual actions do matter, and combined they determine broader social transformations which are required from policymakers and industry to tackle the climate crisis”.