At Bath, we are all committed to the continuous improvement of services that support our students, staff, teaching and research. As such, our academic and research capability is regularly measured against that of other universities. However, we haven’t had a means of wider comparison for our professional services, until now.

In July this year, we joined the UniForum community, to benchmark our professional services with 60 universities worldwide. A critical dimension of this calibration is the Service Effectiveness Survey.

The survey allows you to rate key services, highlight those you value most and least, and suggest ways to improve your experience. It is anonymous, takes 15 minutes and the insights gained will help the University to identify areas for attention and investment.

How to take part

On 7 November, you will receive an email invitation with the title ‘University of Bath – Service Effectiveness Survey 2022’. This will contain a unique, one-time link to the online survey.

The email will come from, as the survey is conducted on behalf of UniForum member universities by Cubane Consulting, who will then compile our results and provide high-level benchmarking against other universities in the programme.

The survey will close at 5pm on 25 November.

UniForum benefits

Among the UniForum benefits is the opportunity to network with member universities and share and explore best practices. These interactions have resulted in beneficial partnerships for many in the UniForum community, and we hope Bath’s membership can further the University’s goal to ‘Enhance our strategic partnerships’.

For more information, visit the UniForum website or email

Please look out for the invitation and take a few minutes to have your say. Your views and experiences matter. Help us to make our professional services the benchmark for others.