We're currently in the process of redesigning the students' landing page as one of the final stages of the website transition.

The new design will give you access to the same information as the current page but you'll be able to find information and complete tasks quicker and more easily, especially on mobile devices.

As part of the process, we'd like your feedback to help us make the page better for all students to use.

How you can help

Over the next few weeks, we'll collect feedback from as many students as possible using a variety of methods.

Card sort

The first opportunity for you to tell us what you think is through an online card sorting exercise, which you can take part in over the next few days.

You'll have the chance to organise items from the students' landing page into groups that make sense to you. This will help us understand what you use the students' landing page for and how you would like to see some of the page's useful links arranged.

Usability test

After the card sort, we'll run usability testing sessions to find out more about how different groups of students interact with the page.

If you'd like to get involved in these sessions, email web-support@bath.ac.uk

Multiple test versions

We'll also test different versions on the live site so everybody can choose to try it before it's launched. We'll use the data from this activity to help us develop the page further so that anyone can influence what goes on the page.

Next steps

Look out for future announcements about the stages of the project and how you can help.

Continuous improvement

When we publish the new design, you can continue to give feedback on it using the ‘Suggest an improvement’ link at the bottom of the page. We’ll continue to develop the page as part of our commitment to making the website better.