As of Monday 11th February 2019, we will be introducing an eTimesheet process that will replace the printed emailed timesheets for all Tier 4 workers. This will bring all Tier 4 workers in line with all other hourly paid workers who are already using eTimesheets.

Those booking a Tier 4 Worker for hourly-paid / casual work will need to continue to book the hours in advance using the Tier 4 Booking System. This ensures that they cannot work more than their maximum hours per week (normally 20 hours per week) required by their visa.

Once the Tier 4 worker has worked the hours that have been pre-booked, they will need to login to Employee Self Service (ESS) on iTrent and log and confirm their hours using the eTimesheet. Once submitted, each timesheet will require two levels of approval, firstly by the Line Manager and secondly by the Departmental Authoriser, before then progressing to payroll for payment. From 11 February, should a Tier 4 worker claim payment for hours not booked, email alerts will be sent to line managers and departmental approvers to reject the claim.

The use of eTimesheets will prevent any duplication of timesheet for the same work and ensure that all records are maintained confidentially.

Please make sure that all those involved in signing off timesheets are aware of this change and ensure that no paper Tier 4 timesheets are accepted for work undertaken from 11th February 2019.

All Tier 4 students have been informed of this change.

Cancellation of bookings

Currently bookings that have been made on the Tier 4 App can only be cancelled by the person that booked the hours. From 11th February 2019, both the person who booked the work and the line manager will be able to cancel bookings.

The ability to retrospectively book hours will no longer be available

As you will already be aware, all work carried out by Tier 4 workers, must have their hours pre-booked using the Tier 4 Worker Booking system before they undertake any work. The system was originally set to allow retrospective booking, which was only introduced to allow for very rare situations where an oversight had occurred. However, now the system is bedded in and we have not had to use this function, it will no longer be available.