The University of Bath IT Status page, sometimes called Status.Bath, continues to be the best place to check if a University IT system is operational (i.e., working as it should).

The current tool will soon become outdated and unsupported by its manufacturer. This has brought an opportunity to find a replacement which offers both improved functionality and a lower cost.

From Thursday 6 July, the University of Bath IT Status page will therefore look a little different, as we take steps to further improve how we identify issues and subsequently communicate IT downtime and disruption to you. This initiative is amongst the series of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) improvements we are introducing within the DDaT Evolution project, overseen by the Digital Transformation Programme.

What's new

  • Clearer indication of the operational status of systems.
  • New tabs so you can select the type of information you’re most interested in:
    • Status: an overview of the operational status of each system listed.
    • Incidents: information on past and present disruption, including downtime due to maintenance.
    • Maintenance: details of upcoming planned downtime due to maintenance.
  • The ability to make further improvements in the future, such as automated real-time status updates to accurately show when systems are disrupted, and better ways to update you about planned downtime and unplanned disruption so that you receive direct and timely notifications that are relevant to you.

Find out why IT systems are sometimes unavailable or disrupted

Sometimes, how and when you use University IT systems are affected by incidents of:

  • Planned downtime.

  • Planned changes.

  • Unplanned disruption.

It can be frustrating when systems are unavailable or disrupted, but it is often due to external factors outside of the University's control, or to allow maintenance to be completed which will reduce problems in the future.

Visit the Find out about the status of University IT systems webpage to learn more about what causes this disruption and ways you will be kept informed.