The Institute of Acoustics will be holding the International Conference on Underwater Acoustics at the University of Bath.

This will run from the 17-20 June 2024 in the Chancellors' Building on campus, with a packed programme, a social excursion to SS Great Britain in Bristol and a conference dinner in the Pump Rooms in Bath.

The conference will include 200 speakers over the different days.

Background: The first such conference in Bath was held in 1983 by Nick Pace (then a young lecturer). He organised a repeat in 1993, then went on secondment to the NATO research centre in Italy. When he came back in 2005, Nick Pace and Dr Philippe Blondel, Department of Physics, organised jointly the international conference. Nick then retired and Philippe chaired and organised the next conference, in 2015, again with the support of the Institute of Acoustics. This is a nice tradition started by Nick Pace and eagerly attended by scientists from all around the world.