Internet connectivity will now be available on Sunday but should be considered at risk between 6am and 11.59pm.

From the moment we received the emergency outage notification, DDaT have been working closely with JISC (who supply internet connectivity to HE) to understand how our resilient connections could be affected in this way. We have strongly conveyed the potentially damaging impact of a prolonged outage for the University.

As a result of sustained efforts from DDaT and JISC, we have been notified this morning that, by agreeing to a very brief period of downtime tomorrow (Friday), we will be able to remain connected, but ‘at-risk’ on Sunday.

Friday 26th Feb, the University may lose connectivity for a few minutes between 0700 and 0900.

Sunday 28th Feb, the University connection will be ‘at-risk’ between 0600 and 2359.

We will continue to work with JISC and their suppliers to ensure that the diverse and resilient connectivity that the University requires is delivered and assured.