The University of Bath has launched a new IKEv2-based VPN service, allowing you to quickly and easily connect to the University on a range of devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. The two variations of this service are explained below:

University of Bath VPN

Available on Windows and macOS devices. This connection is split-tunnel, meaning that only the University of Bath traffic is sent via the VPN. This allows for quick and easy access to University systems that are otherwise only available when you’re on campus. This should be your first choice to ensure the fastest overall connection to both Bath and the wider Internet. If you find a University service that is not available over the VPN, please report it to the Service Desk, so that we can fix this.

University of Bath All Traffic VPN

Available on all devices. This connection sends all traffic via the VPN. This not only allows for quick and easy access to University systems but also ensures the safety and privacy of other network traffic. This configuration may be preferable when using an untrusted internet connection such as open public Wi-Fi. You may also need to use the All Traffic VPN if you need to access a service on the Internet that is only accessible from the University of Bath network (for example, some online journals).

Please note that the new VPN service does not require you to connect to any other VPN applications such as GlobalProtect or OpenVPN.

Automatic deployment to managed Macs and Windows 10 laptops

From Wednesday 11 March, users of managed Windows 10 laptops (laptops that ask you to sign in with your University of Bath credentials) will see this new VPN service available on their device. You can access it by selecting the 'Network' icon in the taskbar.

From Wednesday 25 March, users of managed Macs will also now receive the VPN configuration.

Using a different device?

If your device is not a University-managed Windows 10 device, you can configure the new VPN service on your device here.

If prompted to enter your University of Bath credentials, you should enter them in the format