This month, the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) hosted world renowned political theorist and historian, Professor Timothy Mitchell, as the University of Bath’s new Global Chair.

His appointment, funded by the International Relations Office’s Global Chair scheme, is part of a flagship programme designed to attract distinguished, globally renowned scholars to engage in high-profile research activities at Bath.

Professor Mitchell visited Bath from Monday 14 January to Sunday 20 January 2019, and attended a range of meetings and events with colleagues across the University.

Over the course of four meetings, Professor Mitchell met with; Tina Schilbach and Harriet Sheridan from the International Relations Office; Dr Sophia Hatsizavvidou from the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies; Emma Haines from the Department of Development and Alumni Relations; and colleagues from the Faculties of Science, Engineering, and the School of Management including Professors Tim Mays, Furong Li, Sam Akehurst, Jamie Turner, Geoff Hammond, Alison Walker, and Dr Philippe Blondel.

Throughout the week, Professor Mitchell also gave two public lectures and a seminar. On 15 January he presented ‘No Business of Yours: How the large corporation swallowed the future’ at the University of Bath to approximately 100 attendees. He later repeated this lecture on 17 January at King’s College London, which was co-hosted with the Departments of Digital Humanities and History, to an audience of approximately 150 attendees. In both lectures, he discussed politics, the history of capitalism and the economy, and how large corporations have monetised our future. His lecture at the University of Bath is now available to download or watch online.

On 16 January, he also gave an informal seminar to over 40 attendees from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Bath. At the seminar, chaired by Dr Emma Carmel and Professor Sarah White, Professor Mitchell discussed post-colonialism, the political economy, political history, and international development. The seminar was a unique opportunity for staff and students to hear how Professor Mitchell’s research has changed over time, and what has connected his different projects over the years.

Professor Mitchell is a University of Bath Global Chair for the 2018 – 2019 academic year. We look forward to welcoming him back to the University later this year.