Today we are delighted to launch ‘Culture and values at the heart of policymaking: An insider’s guide’ – a new book authored by Stephen Muers, published by Policy Press.

Stephen Muers is Head of Strategy and Market Development at Big Society Capital. He has held a series of senior roles in government. Most recently he was Director of Criminal Justice Policy at the Ministry of Justice, and he has also worked in the Cabinet Office, the Department for Energy and Climate Change, and the Homes and Communities Agency, among others. Stephen was also a Visiting Fellow with the Institute for Policy Research (IPR).

Drawing on his years of experience as a senior government policymaker, his book exposes the crucial impact culture and values have on policy success and political accountability; sets out why policymakers need to take culture seriously and how culture and values shape the political system; and presents essential practical recommendations for what governments should do differently.

The book launch, taking place online today, will see Stephen discuss many of these themes, alongside Director of the IPR, Professor Nick Pearce, and Senior Research Fellow at the UK in a Changing Europe, Jill Rutter.