We are pleased to announce that Dr Anthony Halog has joined the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) as a new Visiting Fellow.

Dr Halog is Lecturer at the School of the Environment, University of Queensland, and is Head of the Research Group for Industrial Ecology and Circular Economy. He joined from the University of Maine, where he was a professor in Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Bioeconomy. He has been researching the circular economy and bioeconomy since 2008.

During his time at the IPR, he will explore the scientific advancements, ethical considerations and societal implications associated with green hydrogen production. The project will contribute to hydrogen-related policy debate and decision-making, and is aligned with UK-HyRES, the UK Hub for Research Challenges in Hydrogen and Alternative Liquid Fuels, a project led by Professor Tim Mays and funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

On the appointment, Tim Mays adds:

“We are delighted to host Anthony Halog’s visit to the University to discuss and elucidate national and international policy issues associated with new hydrogen energy technologies. Tony’s expertise and experience will help our understanding of this important but highly complex space.”