On-campus talk by Professor Simon McIntosh-Smith

In just a few months' time, Bath academics and PhD students will get access to a powerful next-generation World TOP500 supercomputer.

GW4 has secured £10 million UKRI funding and is building Isambard 3, an Arm®Neoverse™ NVIDIA Grace™ supercomputer for AI and cutting-edge scientific innovations.

A wide range of research software will run on Isambard 3 and the new environment is expected to facilitate advancements in most academic disciplines. Find out more.

Join us for this exciting talk by Simon McIntosh-Smith, Principal Investigator for Isambard 3 and Professor in High Performance Computing at the University of Bristol.

Simon will explain how Isambard 3's significantly upgraded performance will enable new research and technological advancements in areas such as:

  • astrophysics
  • artificial intelligence
  • biotech
  • clean energy
  • life sciences
  • materials engineering
  • medical sciences and more!


Simon McIntosh-Smith is Professor in High Performance Computing at the University of Bristol and principal investigator for Isambard 3.

His research focuses on advanced computer architectures and performance portability, and he plays a key role in developing national HPC services for research and scientific innovation.

This is a 45 min talk followed by Q&As.

On-campus event details

Tuesday 10 October, 10.00 - 11.00am, Seminar Room, 2. floor, Milner Centre for Evolution