Work on shaping our shared Research Culture strategy has launched and is open for your input.

On Thursday 29 February, the University opened a wide-ranging consultation to shape our Research Culture at Bath, with an event attended by around 80 colleagues from across every job family and career stage reviewing new ‘working drafts’ for each area of an ambitious five-year strategy.

Professor Julie Barnett, Associate PVC Research, said:

The event stimulated rich and informative discussions which will help shape the working drafts and understand the priorities of colleagues. I found it extremely valuable and I’d like to extend a sincere thanks to all who contributed.

We are now calling on all staff and research students involved in research who couldn’t attend, to help us identify the priorities and shape the working drafts.

By working with the Research Culture Steering Group, we have drafted aims and objective for all six ‘pillars’ of research culture at Bath. Collectively, these early working draft documents propose over 120 ideas and actions – we need you support in identifying what really matters, and what would be most transformative to your experiences of research culture at Bath.

The consultation will be open until 12 April, and you can:

Previous consultations defined the six ‘pillars’ of research culture prioritised by colleagues at Bath: Career development, research recognition, collegiality, open research, research design, and research ethics and integrity. This new piece of work aims to identify (for each pillar):

  • what does excellent look like?
  • what should we aim for?
  • what should we prioritise?
  • how should we get there?
  • how would we know if we got there?

Professor Barnett added:

It is extremely important that we craft a collective ambition that represents the hopes and needs of the broadest possible community at Bath. We hope that colleagues will welcome the working drafts, and add their constructive comments to help us prioritise and shape these into a plan that colleagues are invested in and feel proud of.