After careful consideration, the University has decided that our summer 2020 graduation ceremonies which were due to take place between 14 and 17 July cannot proceed as planned. Students who are eligible to graduate this summer will have the opportunity to take part in a future ceremony and we will be asking students about this shortly.

All the decisions we have made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have been informed by our duty of care to our students, their families, our staff and our wider responsibilities to our community. We cannot guarantee that the UK will be sufficiently free of risk, or the current restrictions on public life will have been eased by July, to allow graduation ceremonies to proceed. We are also mindful that it would be difficult for students who have returned home to make travel plans with their families, given the current situation.

We fully understand that our ceremonies are a special time to celebrate your achievements with friends and family, and the disappointment that you will be feeling at this decision. It has been taken with great reluctance.

This decision only relates to the ceremonies planned for July 2020. It does not affect your opportunity to graduate as a student or the award of your degree. Certificates will be posted to graduating students at the address you provide once the University has approved the awards.

What will happen next

During the week beginning 27 April 2020, we will email all students expected to complete their course this summer.

We will ask you to tell us:

  • the address to which we should send your degree certificate

  • whether you would like to be invited to a graduation ceremony in the future

We will also ask you to let us know your views on a number of possible options for participation in future ceremonies, so please let us know how you would prefer to celebrate the award of your degree at that point.

If you are expecting to complete your course this summer but have not received the email by 1 May 2020 please contact