The IPR is pleased to announce that Keum Jeong Soo, who began a Visiting Fellowship with the Institute in January 2017, has now completed his research and will return to the Republic of Korea to share his conclusions with colleagues.

An experienced policymaker who has held a number of prominent positions in the Korean government, Keum was Regional Director of the Ministry of Employment and Labour (MoEL) for the Gunsan Region before joining the IPR. He has also held the position of Director of International Relations in the Republic of Korea's Economic and Social Development Commission, and worked in various fields for the MoEL.

During his time at the IPR Keum’s work, which will ultimately inform the policymaking of the MoEL, has focused on unemployment benefits and active labour market policy. Comparing the approaches of various countries, including the UK and Korea, he has drawn on the expertise of academics at the University of Bath as well as his own considerable professional experience to gain a greater insight into the policy challenges faced in this area.

“My time with the IPR has given me the opportunity to build a network of contacts here at the University,” Keum said, “and to develop my understanding of the differences between unemployment benefit systems and the effects of active labour market policies (ALMP) in a range of OECD countries.

“Having reviewed the evidence for a range of different ALMP options I have some key recommendations to take back to the Ministry of Employment and Labour in Korea, which will inform policy making and employment services practice in the future”.

Keum will present his work to University of Bath academics and IPR colleagues in a seminar on 19 December. The outcomes of his research are expected to have great practical application in his role, and will also be communicated to relevant institutions such as the MoEL and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in London.