Spirent Communications are the world leader in Galileo, GPS and other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) testing solutions.

The KTP has been working to develop Spirent’s business line of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), with a new ‘Threat Simulation Capability’ (TSC) product.

KTP Associate Dr Talini Pinto Jayawardena has worked with Spirent, developing models, algorithms and test methods to protect GNSS receivers against these threats.

The new product will test position, navigation and timing systems in conditions where satellite navigation signals are disrupted by space weather.

Guy Buesnel, PNT Security Technologist, at Spirent, said: “The KTP with the University of Bath has provided us with expert knowledge and capability in the area of space weather, and helped us to develop a novel method of simulating these kinds of event which will benefit many GNSS users.

“Working closely with the University of Bath also gave us both insights into research areas we could collaborate on in future. The KTP is a great opportunity for the company and Associate to decide whether they would be a good fit together – In this case it clearly was and the KTP Associate is now employed by Spirent“.

Professor Cathryn Mitchell, Lead Academic, from the University’s Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, says: “It has been a real privilege to work with Spirent - the world-leader in GNSS simulators. At the University of Bath we are very proud to play a part in developing realistic space environment simulation capabilities that Spirent will use in the next generation of products.

“For me, the whole experience of a KTP has been both challenging and enjoyable and I thoroughly recommend it to other academics. I am fortunate that my collaboration with Spirent will continue now with other projects”.

Izaro Lopez Garcia, Industrial Partnerships Manager from the University’s Research and Innovation Services (RIS) says: “This is a great achievement and means that both the University and Spirent can feel confident in their combined capacity to transfer knowledge efficiently and with impact”.

The KTP was funded by Innovate UK and awarded the highest grade of ‘outstanding’ by the KTP Grading Panel.