You can join one of our popular language courses . We offer weekly classes in Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, and classes are conveniently scheduled during your lunch hour at 1.15pm or after 6pm.

Our classes are taught by experienced teachers, who are native speakers of the languages we offer. You will learn alongside other members of staff, students and members of the general public.

We offer different levels, from beginner to advanced, albeit not in all languages. You will learn through a communicative approach, this means that you will be able to speak from your very first lesson, even if you have never studied the language before.

In addition to all the practical benefits of learning a foreign language, by attending one of our classes you will develop intercultural skills and will enjoy a multicultural experience at every lesson.

Enrolments are now open. We look forward to meeting you in one of our classes.