The fully-funded Ignite+ event series provides an opportunity for businesses to engage with University of Bath and discover more about our latest research.

The most recent Ignite+ event focused on Human Augmentation with a spotlight on neuro technological interfaces, sensor technology in sport and the latest announcements in neurotech regulation.

At the event, businesses attended round table discussions, explored collaborative funding opportunities and heard from funders such as the Defence and Security Accelerator and Innovate UK.

The Regulatory Horizons Council (RHC) presented their latest report on neurotechnology regulation that introduces 14 recommendations to establish a proportionate regulatory framework. This is to encourage the safe commercialisation of medical neurotechnologies and address under-regulation concerns of non-medical neurotechnologies. The RHC is an independent expert committee that advises government on regulatory reform to encourage the safe and rapid development of emerging technologies.

Professor Eamonn O’Neill, Head of Computer Science at the University of Bath and academic lead for the Augmented Human Bath Beacon, spoke at the event. He said:

The ignite+ series provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses, organisations and individuals to engage with the University of Bath and explore the ways in which we can work together to develop tomorrow’s technologies. This event provided the opportunity for the university’s Augmented Human Beacon to showcase our research and to engage with businesses within the region and beyond. It was great that the Regulatory Horizons Council announced and presented their latest recommendations on neurotechnology regulation at our event. We are keen to engage and collaborate in such an exciting and important area of research.

Grant Trewartha, Biomechanist at NURVV and Honorary Researcher in the Department for Health at the University of Bath, who attended the event, said:

From a NURVV perspective, the Ignite+ event was a very enjoyable and eye-opening event. We are a company producing wearable technology products for the healthcare and sport sectors and so it was very useful to hear more about some of the latest research going on in the “Augmented Human” space across the University departments and also from organisations who can support entry of businesses into new sectors. There looks to be a lot of exciting research happening within the Augmented Human Beacon and we are very keen to continue to partner with the University in this area.

The Ignite+ event series is delivered by the Business Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange team in Research and Innovation Services.