In association with the Embassy of The Netherlands, the Dutch Academic Network in the UK (DANinUK) was officially launched in January 2020, attended by the Dutch Minister for Education, Culture & Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven; the Dutch Ambassador Simon Smits; and various Dutch and British stakeholders. This network is run by Dutch volunteers for Dutch nationals working in Higher Education and (academic) research institutions in the United Kingdom.

Inspired by the successful Spanish academic network, the main aim is to function as a platform to exchange information and to promote interaction between Dutch professionals in the British academic world.

Reflecting on Brexit, the Dutch Embassy presented several case studies of successful Dutch/British collaborations at organisational level that can function as templates for British and Dutch universities and institutions in the future. At the individual level, DANinUK is the conduit of consular information from official governmental stakeholders for DANinUK members in regards to citizenship, work & pensions and the future after Brexit.

Therefore, two practical objectives of the network are: 1) stronger cooperation between the Netherlands and the UK in the field of higher education and academic research through networking with (academic) organisations and governments in both countries, and 2) promote social and professional interactions between Dutch nationals within the UK through events and national gatherings, knowledge transfer and regional activities.

Interested Dutch people working in Higher Education and (academic) research in the UK are invited to sign up as a member of DANinUK using the link below. Members and interested parties can also follow DANinUK via LinkedIn and Twitter or you can contact them via email.