Level 4 - Open for access to print collections and Study Spaces at the front of the floor

The print stock areas are accessible as normal, loan items can be retrieved by borrowers and taken to Level 2 to be borrowed via the Self-Issue machines.

The south-east corner of Level 4, facing onto the Parade, is open for study. The Study space in Room 4.14 is also available. Some study desks and seats on the west and north sides of Level 4 have been moved during summer works. Therefore, there are no study spaces at the back of Level 4 for the time being.

All stock shelves are accessible and open but the temporary storage of study furniture will affect direct routes to some parts of the floor.

Accessing the rest of the Library

All staircases across the Library are open as normal.

Please refer to Library staff for advice if you have any queries about accessing Library spaces or contacting staff based on these floors during this period.