Current unreliability of Teams Live Events

Following the recent news that the Microsoft-managed upgrade to new Teams is coming to the University, the functionality of Teams Live Events is being affected more than initially advised by Microsoft.

So far, the experience across the University is that Teams Live Events is not currently working as expected - functionality appears to be unreliable, particularly for audience members and those that are external to the University.

Initial testing within the University indicates that the user’s browser may affect the level of impact, with Firefox users experiencing the most impact, and Microsoft Edge having fewer problems.

What to do if you have an upcoming Teams Live Event planned

Microsoft have advised that the transition to new Teams and the impact on Teams Live Events will settle down in the coming weeks.

As the changes and current impacts are outside of the University’s control, faculties and the Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) department are working together to reduce the impact on upcoming events as much as possible.

If you have an upcoming Teams Live Event planned in the next few months, please:

  • Contact your faculty marketing team if your event involves multiple departments, so that they can coordinate next steps.
  • Contact DDaT by completing the Remote Event Support form within TOPdesk if your event is stand-alone within your own department or team.

In both instances, please get in touch as early as possible, as your faculty marketing team and/or the Audio Visual (AV) team within DDaT will work with you to understand and identify:

  • The purpose and audience of your event, such as whether it’s for internal or external people.
  • Any alternative methods which can be used to deliver your event.
  • Any support which you may need, and if/how this can be achieved.

Temporary Zoom option and DDaT support

To provide an alternative while the the new Teams platform stabilises, DDaT has provided funding for a temporary Zoom licence for a few months.

The licence limits the number of Zoom events which can be run at the same time, so having early discussions with your faculty marketing team and/or the DDaT Audio Visual team will help identify priority events.

The Audio Visual (AV) team within DDaT will also try to support appropriate events where possible. The team has limited capacity, so again, giving early notice of your events will help identify priorities or the feasibility of re-scheduling. If AV can support your event, they will confirm this with you.

In addition, DDaT are continuing to report our University experiences to Microsoft and seek assurances and news on the platform's stability.