Insight emails to help you organise your day

You may have noticed two new emails appearing in your inbox:

  1. Cortana Your daily briefing - your personal productivity assistant, designed to remind you on what's coming up and of any outstanding commitments.

  2. MyAnalytics Focus Edition - designed to explore your work patterns and provide insights into how you can improve your focus, wellbeing, and time.

The Daily Briefing email from Cortana

The Briefing email helps you to keep a focus on your day and stay in control of your calendar. Relevant items to help you better prepare for the day include:

  • Outstanding commitments, requests and follow-ups from your emails
  • Documents related to that day's meetings that you might want to review beforehand
  • Suggested focus time that you can schedule from within the Briefing

The MyAnalytics Focus Edition email

The MyAnalytics email provides you with a summary review of how you've spent your time and of your collaboration network, including:

  • A review of who you've been collaborating with including a summary of who you've spent the most time with in the last month
  • Suggestions of the people you might want to mark as 'Important' so that you receive reminders on related outstanding emails, todo's etc
  • A break down of the percentage of time you've given to focus, collaboration and wellbeing

To find out more, you can click on 'Learn more' within each section of the email. This will open your personal MyAnalytics dashboard, where you can view more detail and configure your preferences.

Who has access to my insights

  • Only you can view personal data and insights based on work patterns in emails, meetings, calls, and chats
  • Your insights are not used by the University to see individual work patterns or behaviours
  • Details of Microsoft's privacy settings can be accessed from both emails by selecting 'For your eyes only' located at the top of the email

Find out more

View the specific guidance on the University of Bath – Learning Pathways to discover more:

University of Bath – Learning Pathways is our online, interactive learning platform where you can learn all about Microsoft 365 tools and features. It’s filled with easy to use ‘how-to’ guides, hints and tips to help you get the most from your Microsoft tools.

Other ways to manage your time

Microsoft 365 offers a number of tools to help you manage your time and workload, such as using Planner, or To-do in Outlook to manage your tasks.