This Award is made in recognition of excellence in teaching at the University.

Dr James Betts was selected by the Committee for this award for his enthusiastic and inspirational approach to teaching. His impact on students is clearly demonstrated by his consistently high teaching evaluation scores.

Notably, Dr Betts has fully integrated his research into the curriculum by arranging for his final-year students to be named sub-investigators on an externally funded and registered clinical trial. In so doing, he has introduced his students to the issues involved in real-world research, such as good clinical practice and ethical approval.

Dr Betts has also supported his interest in excellent teaching by securing two Teaching Development Funding awards with which he led the Department of Health in new methods of assessment and feedback. These innovations include infographic assessment and digital feedback. To further student learning, Dr Betts runs a regular journal club, which gives his students the opportunity to read and discuss articles with doctoral students and academic staff.

Dr Betts’ contributions to delivering exceptional learning and teaching make him highly deserving of this award.