This Award is made in recognition of excellence in teaching at the University.

This year, the Awards Committee felt that the achievements in learning and teaching of both Dr Troyer and Dr Walton were exceptional and that they were equally deserving of the Mary Tasker Award.

Dr Troyer was selected by the Committee in recognition of his inspirational and enthusiastic approach to teaching and for the way in which he has demonstrated responsive and considerate guidance as a personal tutor. Dr Troyer has shown considerable commitment to curriculum design and development. Feedback has shown that he consistently seeks out creative ways to encourage students to pursue ideas further, and into their everyday lives. In particular, he has made a significant contribution to the support of students experiencing a bereavement.

Dr Walton was selected by the Committee for his commitment to teaching excellence and the enhancement of the student experience through innovation. Dr Walton has led on the re-design of postgraduate taught programmes within the Department of Social and Policy Sciences. He has worked consistently to create a more inclusive learning environment. Most notably, Dr Walton has developed educational resources for students through active engagement with an educational charity.

The achievements of Dr Troyer and Dr Walton to delivering exceptional learning and teaching make them both highly deserving of this award.