Earlier this year we held focus groups on the future use of the former Wessex Restaurant space as a staff hub for working or meeting colleagues. As a result of feedback from these, and questions passed onto us from last virtual town hall, we are excited to update you on this topic.

Wessex House

We are pleased to say that the new staff hub in Wessex House is almost ready. This staff-only space on level 2 of Wessex House is scheduled to open 19 December 2022, with complimentary festive refreshments served to staff on the lead up to the winter break.

The new Wessex House space will have a mix of drop-in seats and bookable seats. Bookable areas include booths with screens for individuals, people meeting in pairs, and small groups. Bookings can be made through LibCal here.

This space has been designed for you to work, meet and network; you can view the latest plans here to see the layout and mix of seats. We will be inviting feedback on how you have found the space in January 2023.


The Polden Staff Common Room is now open for staff only, via card access. Here you can meet and socialise with colleagues, using the 140 seats in a mix of table and booth spaces. The café area is closed, but staff can use the microwave and hot water facilities to enjoy food and drinks brought in. There is also a sink to wash up in. As above, we will be assessing use of the space with feedback from those who have used these facilities.

Staff groups can book exclusive use of the Polden first floor lounge for lunchtime activities such as book clubs, board games, wellbeing groups and more. Please email livingsupport@bath.ac.uk to enquire.

We want to ensure that campus is a vibrant and welcoming place to be. As you will know, the hospitality industry was impacted significantly by the pandemic, and staff shortages are still affecting all organisations who run hospitality and retail outlets. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues who have worked so hard to keep as many outlets open as possible, despite the challenges of the last few years. As a result of the pandemic and the increase in hybrid working, our campus has had to evolve to meet the new needs of our community. It will continue to evolve as we learn how to use our spaces effectively.