Between 13 and 19 June, the world acknowledges Men’s Health Week 2022. This annual event is organised by the Men’s Health Forum and aims to raise awareness of preventable health problems that disproportionately affect men and encourage them to gain the courage to tackle their issues.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, approximately 1 in 8 men have a common mental health problem such as anxiety, stress, or depression. When left unattended, these problems can worsen and be detrimental to those affected.

With this in mind, we are working with the Men’s Talk Club charity, a mental fitness community for men, to establish a Men’s Talk Club at the University that will meet online and in person.

Talk Club is a talking and listening club for men, to help to keep you mentally fit by giving you a secure and private space to share and support others. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch at:

Also, Toolbox Talks are a range of materials from the Men's Health Forum, have a look at some of these free resources:

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