I feel privileged to have been Vice-Chancellor of this great university. As I step down now, I have been thinking about the many changes that have taken place here over the last 17 years - not just in the sheer growth of the University, but in its influence and standing. In writing this, my final message as Vice-Chancellor, I want to ensure that everyone who has helped to make my years as VC exciting and productive is aware of how grateful I am to them.

As I said at the Chancellor’s Dinner last month, 17 years as VC is an eternity – one third of the existence of this University – and yet it feels like it has passed in the batting of an eye.

We have achieved so much but none of these achievements has been down to the work of one person. The entire university community, together with our civic and business partners, has made these things happen. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to our success.

Over the next 6 months, I will be primarily focussing on my research; doing some new empirical work; co-editing a book on research methods in psychology (with Prof Julie Barnett and Dr Dan Wright); speaking at workshops and conferences; and, talking to colleagues in the Department of Psychology where I will be based during my sabbatical.

Now, I am looking forward to the imminent announcement of the name of the next Vice-Chancellor. I am confident that they will be joining a university which has the foundations for continuing and greater success. I hope they will be as proud of the University of Bath as I have been.

In the meantime, I hope you will join me in wishing Professor Morley well as he takes up the role of Acting Vice-Chancellor on 1 September.

Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell