Introducing Microsoft Bookings

Bookings lets you create an online calendar and manage availability so that students, staff and external contacts can book your services quickly and efficiently, such as:

  • An appointment with yourself or your team
  • Equipment or resources

Features and benefits

  • Online appointment booking, with real-time appointment availability
  • Easy to navigate and customise customer booking page
  • Integration with Outlook calendar and Teams
  • Automated email confirmations and reminders
  • Appointment rescheduling and cancellations

How to access Bookings

Microsoft bookings is available to all University staff.

  1. Login to the Office 365 Portal with your university username and password
  2. Select All Apps and then Bookings

You can also download the Microsoft bookings app from your app store. The app lets you view all appointments and customer information, and create manual appointments.

Personal data and privacy considerations

  • Microsoft bookings collects personal data like names and email addresses, therefore you will need to consider how you will store this information and for how long
  • We recommend that you use the privacy section to let people know what you will use their information for. An example might be: I will use the data you provide to manage our appointment and it will be stored in my University Outlook calendar
  • Microsoft Bookings uses the same policies used by Microsoft 365

Help and support

View the Using Microsoft Bookings guidance on the University of Bath – Learning Pathways to discover more.

University of Bath - Learning Pathways is our online, interactive learning platform where you can learn all about Microsoft 365 tools and features. It’s filled with easy to use ‘how-to’ guides, hints and tips to help you get the most from your Microsoft tools.