The Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) in the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) is the UK's Competent National Authority for enforcing the Nagoya Protocol (Compliance) Regulations 2015. University guidance on the Nagoya Protocol can be found via our webpages. A step-by step guidance document and a checklist designed to enable you to carry out appropriate due diligence checks is also available to staff and students.

The OPSS has contacted the university to request details of all research activity that utilises genetic material conducted since 12th October 2015. This includes genetic material from plants, microbial, or animal origins. It does not include human material.

We have been asked to provide evidence that all research activity within this period has been conducted in compliance with the Nagoya Protocol. This survey is designed to collect the required information.

Please complete this survey at your earliest convenience, and at the latest by Tuesday 30th May 2023.

We have published some frequently asked questions, a PDF version of the survey and the original letter from the regulator on our website. You can access these documents using your Bath user credentials.