As we move into implementation, we have launched two new workstreams to help to ensure that we have everything we need and in place to have a successful AY20/21 in our new landscape.

Campus Safe & Ready Workstream

With much of the Campus Carrying Capacity design work complete, we have entered the critical implementation phase that will ensure the campus is safe and ready to welcome staff, students, guests and other stakeholders in September. To do this successfully and embrace additional dimensions, we launched the 'Campus Safe & Ready' Workstream, led by Owen Lewis, Director of Operations, School of Management, and sponsored by Keith Zimmerman, Chief Operating Officer.

The key sub-streams are as follow:

  • Health and Safety led by Chris Young - Ensuring that we have a robust health and safety strategy and plan that enables us to be ready to respond to changes in the COVID-19 alert levels, nationally and locally, operating within government guidelines, and encouraging the right behaviours to keep everyone safe.
  • People led by Ed Webster - Ensuring that we gather critical data and partner with line managers to support colleagues working on campus, remotely or a mix thereof, including with the right equipment to do their jobs.
  • Physical Buildings (excluding accommodation) led by Martyn Whalley Ensuring that our physical estate is fit for purpose and complies with key requirements such as appropriate social distancing. This work also includes clear signage and cleaning rotas.
  • Accommodation led by Jane Loveys - Ensuring that our accommodation strategy meets the needs of our undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts and that we operate our physical accommodation property in a COVID secure environment.
  • Procurement led by Greg Derrick - Ensuring that we source and manage the broad range of products, services and physical buildings required to deliver a successful academic year in a timely and cost effect way. This includes technology, health and safety supplies and physical buildings.
  • Transport led by Tom Britten - Ensuring that we have a transport strategy that meets the needs of our staff, students and visitors, and addressing the challenges of providing buses and other transport considerations.

Technology Workstream

This workstream, led by Ann-Marie Hartland (Director of Administration, HSS) and sponsored by Alex Butler (Chief Digital Information Officer, DDaT), will ensure that the University is supported with the appropriate technology for the start of the Academic Year in September.

The key components of the work are:

  • AV led by Rob Hyde - Ensuring that we have the right infrastructure and AV to support different styles and methods of teaching and learning where students are both on campus and online.
  • Software to support blended learning and teaching led by Adrian Hooper - Ensuring that our students have access to a full range of specialist software remotely to support resilient curriculum and student experience. This includes licensing, deployment and maintenance of software.
  • Productivity led by Jon Elmes - Ensuring that our staff have secure and comprehensive communications and collaboration technology to support remote working and collaboration.
  • Procurement led by John Gardner - Ensuring that we source and manage the broad range of IT hardware, infrastructure and software required to deliver a successful academic year and remote working for staff in a timely and cost effect way.
  • Security and Infrastructure led by Roger Jardine - Ensuring that we continue to invest and support the underlying infrastructure that provides security and resilience where staff and students are both on campus and remote.

There will also be a Student Experience component, which is currently being defined.