The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) has this week opened a new call for academic fellowships.

The Academic Fellowship Scheme is intended to fill gaps in expertise, build staff capacity and skills, inform parliamentary scrutiny, give Parliament new perspectives on its practices, grow its academic networks and improve its knowledge exchange, and enable Parliamentarians and staff to conduct new activities.

Host offices include POST, the House of Commons Library, select committees, Participation, and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, UK Branch. Projects include supporting select committees and Library teams, providing Parliament with accessible research evidence, and helping parliamentary teams to understand and improve their work and processes.

There are 14 projects on offer, ranging from evidence reviews on sustainable land management or mineral supply, to the impact of modern slavery or providing additional financial scrutiny on behalf of the Health and Social Care Committee.

Fellowships are open to all UK-based researchers who have a PhD, or university staff working in impact or knowledge exchange.

Projects vary in terms of start and completion deadlines – but applications must be submitted by 19 January 2020.