The events toolkit is a brand new resource from the University Events and Ceremonies team, which has been created for anyone at the University who runs events. The toolkit comprises of a timeline document for planning events and associated resources. These resources cover sustainability, accessibility, budgeting, risk assessments, promotion and much more.

We have uploaded the toolkit into Microsoft Teams, where you can read or download documents. Join the Team here.

Click on “Files” at the top of the page to access the toolkit. You will then see the main document entitled “Event Timeline for non-campus events”. This document details everything you need to consider when planning an event, and links off to other documents which includes factsheets with detail on certain topics, as well as templates you can use in your own event planning. These factsheets and templates can also be accessed in the folders named “Pre-planning” and “Post Event” contained in teams.

If you have any queries about using Teams please contact the IT service desk.

If you have any queries about the toolkit itself please contact Laura Andrews, Head of Events on