The University of Bath’s Council have recently approved the establishment of a new University Institute that will focus on delivering leading research in sustainable and circular technologies.

Professors Matthew Davidson and Marcelle McManus, both co-directors of the Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies (CSCT), will be directing this new venture and working to set up the new institute in the coming months.

Professor Davidson said: “We are truly excited to continue building on the foundations laid out by the CSCT – science and technology driven sustainability and interdisciplinarity. The institute will bring together a unique range of technical expertise in fundamental and applied research in sustainability taking a whole systems approach.”

Professor McManus said: “The new institute will apply interdisciplinarity across all University’s activities –education and training, fundamental and applied research, international collaboration, policy, public engagement and knowledge exchange activities. The timing of this new institute is critically important, with the climate emergency and threat of biodiversity collapse we know we need to do things differently. We look forward to working to create and provide solutions to some of these global challenges.”

Professor Ian White, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Bath, said: “I am delighted to see the CSCT become the Institute for Sustainable and Circular Technologies. Becoming an Institute will build on the Centre’s very impressive and important work so far to increase its reach and capacity.

“I congratulate everyone involved in progressing the CSCT to become the Institute for Sustainable and Circular Technologies, and I look forward to seeing it continuing to grow both its portfolio and its intellectual authority in this vital area of research.”