Dr Jessica Eddy has been appointed for two years as Regional Programme Manager under this scheme. Dr Eddy will be spending a day a week at Bath, to facilitate greater appreciation and implementation of the 3Rs for Animal Research. In addition to those engaged in studies in life sciences, the NC3Rs embraces innovative technologies and other approaches, and those outside the traditional disciplines are encouraged to get involved.

This appointment offers a great opportunity to enhance research applications and outputs through interaction with Dr Eddy. Anyone wishing to explore NC3Rs opportunities is encouraged to contact her and she can provide a wide range of support to researchers whose work will ultimately benefit the 3Rs. This includes funding opportunities, links to industrial collaborators and expert advice, for example on experimental design – more information is available on the website.

What is the NC3Rs? The National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research Science-led and evidence-based, the NC3Rs is the UK’s national organisation for the 3Rs established in 2004 to accelerate the development and uptake of new models and tools that replace, reduce or refine the use of animals in research and testing. The NC3Rs is an autonomous body responsible for setting and delivering its strategy and the use of its resources; it operates under the umbrella of the Medical Research Council (MRC). The NC3Rs has shown that science and technology focused on minimising animal use or improving animal welfare, can deliver benefits to human health, protection of the environment and business opportunities.

A major goal described in the NC3Rs Vision 2015 – 2025 is to maximise support for the 3Rs within UK research institutions. To deliver this the NC3Rs, working with small consortia of universities, is appointing Regional Programme Managers who will provide dedicated 3Rs advice at the project, laboratory and institute level. GW4 universities are part of this programme and Dr Eddy has recently been appointed as our Regional Programme Manager. This post is co-funded by the NC3Rs and the universities of the GW4 alliance: Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.

Dr Jessica Eddy, NC3Rs Regional Programme Manager (Cardiff and the South West of England) Dr Eddy will work with scientists from a range of disciplines and levels (including department heads, principal investigators, post-doctoral researchers, research assistants and PhD students), those working under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act (including project and personal licence holders), animal care and veterinary staff, and senior administrators (including those involved in governance and research integrity). She will liaise with Professor Sue Wonnacott, the Academic Lead for Bath in this regard, and Dr Viv Winrow, Animal Research Liaison Officer for Bath.

Dr Eddy has five years’ experience working with mouse models of neuropsychiatric disorders. Having now joined the NC3Rs, she will work with colleagues across the four universities to provide support for ongoing 3Rs initiatives and to assist in identifying new opportunities. Interactions with those not normally involved in animal research but who may have technologies, models or approaches applicable to the 3Rs are particularly encouraged to engage with Jess. The NC3Rs recognise that many new opportunities for application of the 3Rs (in particular, the replacement of animal use with other technologies) lie within Departments not traditionally associated with in vivo research.