In the midst of an increasing number of global challenges, EU co-operation with India has reached a new, more strategic level. That's the conclusion from the report published by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and co-authored by Euromasters student Axel Nordenstam and Swedish Research Fellow Henrik Chetan Aspengren.

While many reports focus on either EU or India, this report looks at the synthesis of the two by focusing on the EU’s joint actions to co-operate with the most populated democracy in the world, India. The study highlights challenges and opportunities for EU-India co-operation, by comparing the EU’s new strategy on India with the EU global strategy, but also through consultations with eleven India-experts at leading think tanks.

Euromasters Student Axel Nordenstam says of the research process: ”Actually, one part of the research was conducted in Bath when I wrote an essay on EU foreign policy. However, a major difference between academic essays and policy papers is the mandatory policy recommendations in the latter paper. Thinking about potential options to deepen the ties between the EU and India was a highly stimulating and intellectual process as there are multiple interests to take into consideration. With this experience, I hope to be better equipped for a successful career in the future.”

The report The Partnership Shift: Analysing the European Union’s strategic engagement with India is available on the think-tank website.