The feedback you receive from your lecturers on your written assignments is a really valuable resource which you can use to increase your understanding of and improve your academic performance.

Engaging positively with feedback is also a vital employability skill you’ll use in your future career.

But are you making full use of this feedback and acting on it in positive way?

The Skills Centre has developed an interactive, self-access online resource to help you develop your skills in this important area.

Part of the Centre’s ‘learn a concept in 30 minutes’ series, the short resource aims to:

  • build a clear understanding of the topic
  • explore the barriers that might prevent you from using feedback and how to overcome these
  • encourage you to set some goals through a personal learning plan (PLP).

The resource, which you can access on MySkills, also links to other useful information, including a glossary of common feedback terms and how to address each one.

The Skills Centre will be running a 90-minute workshop for students on engaging with feedback as part of its ‘skills enrichment’ programme in Semester 2 which you will be able to book on MySkills.

SU Education Officer Julia Kildyushova said:

“Improving tutor feedback is currently one of the SU’s top 10 issues, but we also recognise that students need more help and support to understand and act on their feedback. We encourage students to discuss their feedback with whoever provides it, or with their personal tutor, but this new resource is also a really useful tool.”

If you have any feedback on the Engaging with feedback resource, please contact the Skills Centre’s Digital & Academic Skills team.

If you’d like to discuss a specific piece of feedback with a Skills Centre writing tutor, you can do so via a 1:1 writing tutorial.