Learning a different language is a highly valued skill which opens up opportunities to travel and work overseas and greatly enhances graduates’ employability prospects in today’s global labour market.

The Skills Centre’s language programme offers 10-week courses each semester in eight languages, all from beginner level, for students, staff and members of the public.

There are lots of other ways to develop language skills outside the classroom. Language learning apps, which have become increasingly popular since lockdown, are useful tools to supplement lessons with an experienced teacher.

The Skills Centre has developed a new DiY Language Learning Moodle resource for all students. It offers practical advice and tools to boost motivation and confidence about learning other languages and develop the four essential skills of language learning: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Students can also share tips and learn from others who have tried different language learning tools.

The resource is applicable to a wide range of languages and can be used whatever the level of language proficiency.

DiY Language Learning was reviewed by two student Skills Co-Creators who said:

“I’ve always wanted to find the time to learn new languages but amongst university deadlines, work, etc, it can quickly become extremely difficult. These resources provide me with the correct tools to incorporate language learning into my schedule.” (Favour Oshidero, BSc Architecture)

“The DiY Language Learning resource provides great tips to support independent language learning whether you’re a beginner or have some experience. It offers practical tools to aid your learning and the best part is being able to do it in your own time with no pressure!” (Helena Beavis, BSc Politics & International Relations)

The Skills Centre has worked with the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies to promote the resource to their language students in Semester 2 and plans to embed it more widely as a language learning tool next Academic Year.