Over two weeks in January and February 2019, the Department of Marketing & Communications tested two versions of the new staff landing page design on the live website. This project is one of the final stages to transition the University website into a modern, mobile-responsive design, providing a better experience for our users.

Thank you very much to all those who took the time to try out the new designs and submit feedback.

What your feedback told us

We have now reviewed how people used the pages as well as your feedback, with the help of our business analysts. There was a great deal of positive feedback about the fresh design and layout. However, we also heard that people couldn’t find key links as easily as they would like.

The new website is designed to be mobile responsive, and it does require more scrolling. In addition, we are not able to use drop-down menus as these are not accessible for people with different needs. However, we think there is more we can do to improve the navigation with development work to the pages.

Next steps

As promised in our earlier message, we will now make the necessary improvements to the page based on the test data and your feedback.

Work on the homepage design will be done alongside other improvements to site navigation which will help all users find the information they need. This will be systematically rolled out across the website with a new staff landing page now scheduled for launch in the summer. This is later than we had hoped, but it is an important and well-used page and we want to improve it as much as possible based on your feedback.

When we publish the new design, you can continue to give feedback on it using the ‘Suggest an improvement’ link at the bottom of the page. We’ll continue to develop the page as part of our commitment to making the website better.